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Women's Dutch Rules Soccer Competition  Soccer

Summer 2 2021
Aug 16 ’21
Sep 20 ’21

Welcome to our Monday AND Thursday Women's Dutch Rules Competition! This is half a soccer and half a social event at Louisville's famous Mockingbird Valley Soccer Complex.


The session will last 10 games held on Monday AND Thursday nights at 7:50pm PROMPT. Please show up AT 7:30pm so you can get your team assignment for the night. We only have a small window of time to play each night. The 10th game week will consist of a mini-tournament among participants.


Starts Monday, August 16th and Ends Monday September 20th with games on Mondays and Thursdays each week. No game on Labor Day Monday.


  • Registered players will have a discounted rate of $65 and may play both Monday AND Thursday nights, OR $40 for Monday only. Max of 24 registered players for Monday/Thursday, and unlimited number of registered players for Monday only.
  • Unregistered players may show up ONLY on Monday nights and pay $10 to play that night

Registration is not necessary, however the more you play the cheaper each session is, and of course, the more points you have the opportunity to earn.

Both registered and unregistered players may earn points.

Guest players are welcome on Monday nights only. So bring your friends!

Team Size:

Each team will have a max of 10 field players. If a team has more than 1 goalie, they will share time equally in the net.


We will play full field, 5v5 games with goalkeepers.

At the first match, teams will be split based on the fairest/most even way we can make it. ALWAYS bring both a WHITE and a BLACK shirt.

Each match after, teams will be split evenly based on the most up-to-date individual standings. 

All of the players who are on an odd standings placement (1, 3, 5, 7, 9...) will be on a team, and all of the evens (2, 4, 6, 8, 10...) will be on a team. In the event that two people are tied with the same amount of points, they will be listed by participation rate, and then alphabetically by first name. We will split into 2 teams on Thursdays and up to 4 teams on Mondays, depending on player participation on the given night.

You will know what team you are on when you show up to the match each night. Please arrive at a minimum 10 minutes early.

  • Winners of the match each night will be awarded 10 points.
  • Losers of the match will be awarded 2 points.
  • Ties will go straight into penalty 3 penalty kicks for each team. Winners will receive 7 points, losers will receive 4 points.
  • Players not in attendance, will earn 0 points.

There are no additional points for goals scored, saved, goal differential, etc.

We will keep a list of participants, even if you've only shown up to 1 game in the season, that will be updated after each session.

Make sure you check in with Mike OR Allison OR Sami so you confirm your participation to be awarded points.


We will award prizes to individuals for your overall placement at the end of the season.

  • 1st place - $50 Cash + free entry next session + 1 bucket of drinks + trophy + medal + podium photo
  • 2nd place - $25 + free entry next session + 1 bucket of drinks + medal + podium photo
  • 3rd place - free entry next session + 1 drink + podium photo
  • 4th place thru 6th place - 1 drink

If there is a tie for any of the placements, there will be a skills shooting competition on the final night to determine final placement.


On tournament night, we will have a raffle. Each participant throughout the season will be awarded entries based on the number of points they have accumulated divided by 5, with a minimum of 1 entry.

Example: Maddie ends the season with 58 points, she will have 12 entries. 58 / 5 = 11.6, rounded up to 12.

The raffle winner will receive a $50 gift card to Molly Malone's Irish Pub on Baxter Avenue, a MVSC swag bag, and free entry into the next session.


  • All payers of all levels are allowed to play
  • Special events and prizes throughout the season
  • Get to know a great community of women soccer players
  • Side games such as cornhole, giant beer pong, and other fun yard games

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