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MVSC's adult program is a fun way to stay physically fit in an organized league setting. We have several divisions of play designed to match your skill level.

Open > Intermediate > Advanced > Premier

Open: The open league is for all skill levels. This is ideal for teams with a wide variety of experience. Whether you're brand new to soccer, haven't played in a long time, or are an indoor veteran who wants to play with their non-soccer playing friends in a competitive but laid back way, this league might be for you!

Intermediate: The intermediate league is for most skill levels, however every team member has some indoor soccer experience.

Advanced: The advanced league offers high paced action which consists of many of the Premier level players, Over-30 level players and those open and intermediate teams who've progressed through the ranks.

Premier: The premier league is Louisville's most competitive soccer league. It consists of players with club and college level experience, as well as former professionals.

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